Dust Extraction

dust extraction unit servicing and maintenance

The Importance of Dust Extraction

Professional workshops have known for decades that one of the most important pieces of machinery in the workshop is an adequate extractor. Dust extraction is a vital area of safety for your employees.

A clean, dust-free workplace is not only safer, but far less work in the long run. There is less cleanup and less airborne dust, which is very important when it comes to the finishing stage. Another important fact is that it is far better for your machinery to have this dust and shavings removed. Other then being forced back around the cutting area and affecting the quality of the work, fine dust particles can be sucked into electrical components, build up on moving parts or pile up in areas underneath your machinery (becoming a fire hazard in the process). Worst of all, these particles can find their way into your lungs.

Dust extraction is NOT a replacement for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment,) but if it reduces the dust in your immediate work area, it means your PPE is going to work much more efficiently too. The sad fact is that running machinery without dust extraction may affect your warranty if something does go wrong.

Why didn't I read the manual?

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