Industrial Electrical Machinery Maintenance Services

Switchboards and Control Cabinets

Comtec Electrical offers our clients switchboard services to ensure the  electrical supply to their business and infrastructure needs is adequate.

Unsafe switchboards are renown to fault, that could result in fire damage  as well as a shut down of plant and equipment further increasing the financial loss to business.

Our switchboard services:

  • Installation, upgrade and repair
  • Control Cabinets
  • Refrigeration switchboards
  • Current transformers (CT)
  • Voltage Monitors
  • Touch Screens
  • PLC's
  • Variable Speed Drive Cabinets

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Total productive maintenance and reliability centered maintenance guidelines are not new. But for companies that truly want to maximise their equipment uptime, productivity and quality, a disciplined approach is critical. So is creating a culture where everyone understands and carries out their role in the maintenance continuum.

Schedule your facility’s planned maintenance program far in advance, just as any other operation, to maximise productivity and meet order deadlines. Annual checks are going to be more comprehensive than a monthly or quarterly check, meaning the machine will be down for longer, so make sure they sync with your production commitments.

Motor Rewinding

Electric Motor Testing and Repairs


Schedule more frequent checks for older equipment. As equipment ages, parts and components will start to wear out sooner, and the maintenance window narrows. What were annual checks when the equipment was new may move to semi-annual or even monthly. The service parts required will have to be ordered more often. However, the planned downtime will affect production schedules less than a breakdown.

Don't wait until it's too late and your whole production is down. Produce is limited and staff will be standing around doing nothing but being paid.

Plan, Plan, Plan.

For more information regarding maintenance of your industrial machinery,  contact us or call us on 0407 502 055.