Variable Speed Drive Installation


Adjustable speed drive (ASD) or variable-speed drive (VSD) describes equipment used to control the speed of machinery. Many industrial processes such as assembly lines must operate at different speeds for different products. Where process conditions demand adjustment of flow from a pump or fan, varying the speed of the drive may save energy compared with other techniques for flow control.

Where speeds may be selected from several different pre-set ranges, usually the drive is said to be adjustable speed. If the output speed can be changed without steps over a range, the drive is usually referred to as variable speed.

As part of energy efficiency efforts, many installations include variable-speed drives to operate their pumps and motors. When a variable frequency drive (VFD) is commissioned, following guidelines makes the difference between installations that run for years and those with much shorter life cycles.

We at Comtec Electrical can Design and install of the most efficient and practical variable speed drive needed to do the right job. We also build control switchboards to house the VSD's for protection against water and or dust in harsh environments, including wash down areas, construction sites, food processing plants, motor plant rooms or mounting them straight on the wall with their appropriate IP ratings.